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John Briones: Master Your Memory, LLC and Johnny Briones does not guaranteed that you or anyone who uses this program will achieve specific results or any at all pertaining to memory improvement or any area where you apply the memory skills.If you or anyone improves your or their memory or has success as a result of the memory improvement program it is based on you or the person.

Memory is a skill that must be practiced in order for you or anyone improve your or their memory. Just like with any sport or new skill, one can't just learn what to do and never practice expecting to get better or have improvement. 

All the different memory methods, techniques, and systems you will learn in my program or in any content you receive from John Briones: Master Your Memory, LLC or Johnny Briones has personally worked for Johnny Briones and other people he has taught. It may or may not work for you, but the effectiveness of the memory program or any content depends solely upon you.

Any content you receive from emails, website, and from the memory program do work. Johnny Briones trained his memory in order to become a Grandmaster of Memory. He was not born with a good memory or anything like that. Johnny Briones uses the same methods you will learn in emails, website, or in the memory program.

By receiving the free content provided in any form (Email, Website, Etc.) or by purchasing the memory program, you are aware of this disclaimer and accept it as well. If you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer, feel free contact me at the following email address: support@learntoimprovememory.com

This disclaimer may be changed at any time at John Briones: Master Your Memory, LLC or by Johnny Briones. If the disclaimer is updated, any changes will be posted on this page. This disclaimer was revised March 16, 2016. This disclaimer is in effect from the last revision until the present.