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Linda Rhea

"I have used the secrets that Johnny has taught from his webinar and they absolutely work! I thought I was stuck with my poor memory and everything else I heard about or tried didn't work. Johnny is the guy to go to if you want to improve your memory. The days of me forgetting are over because of Johnny!"

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A Little About Me
My name is Johnny Briones. I give speeches and teach people on how to improve their memory. Here are some of my accomplishments: 
  • Became The Youngest American Grandmaster of Memory at 19 years old
  • In 2014, broke the USA Record For memorizing a deck of cards the fastest: shuffled deck of cards in 60 seconds
  • In 2015, broke the USA record for memorizing 71 random words in 5 minutes
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Secret #1
How Imagination Let’s You Remember Any Type Of Information!

Secret #2
Be Able To Find Any Information in Your Head With The Power of Location!

Secret #3
How Concentrating Can Allow You To Remember More Information!

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